Sophie Wright (b. 1989, UK) is a filmmaker and writer. Her work grows out of a murky crevice that exists somewhere between photography and cinema. Fed up with the common untruth that the photograph is static and complete, resistant to the passage of time, she makes still things ‘move’ creating a physical space for their contradictions and temporalities to play out. Experimenting with form through tactile publications, sensory films, collaborative installations and performances, she invites us into a place of in-betweens and unwieldy stories, where our lazy ways of looking are challenged.

This garden is part of the body of research "Rewilding the Everyday: A Crosspollination of Stillness and Motion," completed as part of the Master of Film at the Netherlands Filmacademie. It was created as an experiment, to see how images would react to the environment they were planted in, what kind of forms and encounters would materialise and what happens when they take over. 

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